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Севзапканат » Welcome to the official site of Sevzapkanat company Ltd!
Welcome to the official site of Sevzapkanat company Ltd!

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SEVZAPKANAT Co.Ltd is founded in 1995. The headquarter and production facilities are situated in St.Petersburg.

The main activities of the enterprise are engineering, production, repair, maintenance and testing of demountable load lifting and fixing equipment.

The company disposes all necessary permits, licenses and certificates. All products are manufactured according to European quality standards and issued with passport and certificate.

SEVZAPKANAT company’s products are approved by:

  • Customs Union (all range of products)
  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
  • Мarine and River Register
  • Russian Ministry of Defense (military permit)
  • Certificate QMS GOST 0015-002-2012 (military inspection)
  • Certificate QMS GOST ISO 9001-2011
  • Certificate QMS Gazprom 9001-2012
  • Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology
    SEVZAPKANAT Co.Ltd is official supplier of GAZPROM PC 

We produce:

Wire rope slings and chokers: 1, 2, 3 and 4-legged wire rope slings, multipurpose 1 and 2-legged wire rope slings, rope legs, stranded slings

All slings are produced of black or zinc-coated cable by different methods (plaiting or ferrule securing)

We offer 4 types of plait protection (winding by resin tape, adhesive tape, heat-shrink tubing or wire)

Lifting slings for offshore containers

WIRELOCK socketing slings

Slings with different types of terminations 

Mega-slings: wire rope multipurpose 1 and 2-legged slings (lifting capacity up to 1000 t)

Chain slings (lifting capacity up to 1000 t)

1-4-legged chain sling, multipurpose chain sling, chain legs, cargo chains and components (lifting capacity up to 1000 t)

We produce 8, 10 and 12 grade chain slings according to client’s demand

We are able to produce chain slings of stainless acid-resistant steel

Textile slings and tow straps

Textile loop slings, textile ring slings, (in cover), 1- 4 –legged textile slings, assembly towels, polyester tape, fiber, tensioning belts and tow straps. Lifting capacity of  textile ring slings is up to 300t 

Сombined slings

Combined slings are produced of different materials (textile tape, chain, steel and organic cables).

All slings are produced with different types of terminations (grabs, hooks, links, shackle, loops etc.)

Crossheads (up to 2000t) for multi-purpose lifting

Crossheads for hollow boards, elevator shafts, cleat, pipes, metal, containers, ships, cars.

Crossheads for maintenance of railway carriages

Crossheads for columns, girders, floor boards etc.


Grabs up to 200t for pipes, metal, barrel, cleat, pallets, boards, planks, timbers, border stones etc.

Grabs for sandwich panels, steel rolls, paper rolls, cable reels.

Grabs for ferro-concrete (well) rings, bricks, blocks.

Grabs for railway, fork, magnet grabs etc.

Semi-automatic grabs (locks)


Cargo equalizers and slings with equalizing blocks, incl. for containers


Mounted equipment for loaders


Centralizers, trestles, trolley lugs

 Tilters, equalizers  
 Buckets, carcases, hoppers, containers  
 Аppliances for barrel transposition


Bridge, gantry, jib cranes



Cranes for crane repair. Mini-cranes for crane repair


Additional crane equipment

Links for crane fixing, supports

Test loads, counterweights, bolts etc.


Assembly towels of different types. Crossheads for pipe mounting (standard lifting capacity up to 32t and 24m length, customized capacity upon request). Crossheads for weights lifting and mounting.Soft linking (power) belts for weigths. Trolley lugs on polyurethane rollers of extra wear resistance and air tires. Supports and crossheads for pipes – more than 20 product types produced according to GOST


Metal constructions of any complexity, incl. Support constructions for installation and mounting of buildings, structures and technical equipment. Fences


Wire rope cables – all DIN, GOST and diameters


Chain and rope hoists, winches, trolleys

Lifting products, hooks, thimbles, turnbuckles

Shackles, swivels, blocks

Security belts and other mounting equipment

Textile cables

Fittings (more than 3000 types)


Crossheads, grabs and metal constructions are suitable for different climate conditions – from tropic to arctic - and produced of:

Alloy structural steel

Carbon structural steel

Heat-resistant steel

Structural steel of higher strength

Stainless steel

Aluminum alloys.

High product quality responding to Russian and international standards is based on QMS according to GOST ISO 9001-2011,  Corporate Standard of GAZPROM 9001-2012, GOST 0015-002-2012 (military permission).

The staff of the company exceeds 100 employees, together with subsidiaries there are more than 200 people working.

We supply load handling appliances to all industries where there is a need to move and lift loads such as:

-  oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding

-  energetics, atomic industry, construction

-  timber industry, land and air transportation

-  marine transport and ports, marine and river fleet etc.

The products of our enterprise were successfully used in such projects as: lifting of the motor-vessel Bulgaria, towage of the submarine Kursk, transportation of the plane TU-134 from one city to another, construction of cross-country oil and gas pipelines, plants, installation of church bells and domes etc. 


Address: 198517, St.Petersburg, Peterhof, Mar’ino territory, Ropshinskoye st. 18а

Free call from Russia 8-800-333-32-47

Phone +7(812) 329-32-47, 608-94-64

E-mail: info@sevzapkanat.ru

General Manager.

For general questions

Michael Vasyukov



Skype: maikl.vasukov

Head of the Sales Department (speaks English)

If You want to purchase the products

Arkadiy Vrzhizhevsky 

(812)608-94-64 add.361


Skype: arkadiy-sevzapkanat

You will be able to lift everything with us!



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